This awesome mod adds an alternate ending to Halo Reach. Normally if you don't destroy the cruiser in time at the end of the mission Pillar of Autumn, the cruiser will glass the area and your screen turns white for a bit before it reverts you to last checkpoint. This mod basically extends that ending where you fail to destroy the cruiser and you'll get to see the results of what happens where the Pillar of Autumn itself gets destroyed.

Main Download Link:

Halo Reach Alternate Ending Mod

Alternate Download Link (Nexus Mods):

Halo Reach Alternate Ending Mod (Via Nexus Mods)


Halo MCC PC (Steam Edition)

Windows Store Edition Not Tested Yet

Installation Instructions:

1. Navigate to the maps folder of your Halo Reach MCC installation location, most commonly:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps"


2. Rename or make a backup of "" in this folder.


3. Copy the new "" file from this mod into this folder, make sure to replace the old "" file after you've backed it up.


4. Start up MCC with Anti-Cheat disabled. If you don't disable it then you won't be able to start the mission.


5. You're all set at this point. The mission you want to start up is the Pillar of Autumn mission. To get the alternate ending, all you have to do is let the cruiser glass the area. You still have the option of playing normally too.