Halo 2 at some point in development was supposed to have a Warthog Run segment on the mission High Charity. While it was cut from the final game, it is still somewhat accessible with modding. Ever wonder what it looks like or what's left of it in Halo 2 Anniversary graphics? Well now that it's available on MCC PC, we can finally take a look and see for ourselves! This is the same map I used in my video showing what the Warthog Run looks like. Download links and installation information below.

Main Download Link:

H2A Warthog Run Mod

Alternate Download Link (Nexus Mods):

H2A Warthog Run Mod (Via Nexus Mods)


Halo MCC PC (Steam Edition)

Windows Store Edition Not Tested Yet

Installation Instructions:

1. Navigate to the maps folder of your Halo 2 MCC installation location, most commonly:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo2\h2_maps_win64_dx11"


2. Rename or make a backup of "07b_forerunnership.map" in this folder.


3. Copy the new "07b_forerunnership" file from this mod into this folder, make sure to replace the old "07b_forerunnership" file after you've backed it up.


4. Start up MCC with Anti-Cheat disabled. If you don't disable it then you won't be able to start the mission.


5. You're all set at this point. The mission you want to start up is the High Charity mission.



To spawn the Prophet Throne at any time, charge up the plasma pistol and fire it.

You may have to flip the throne a few times to be able to get into it. There's no prompt to get in but if you hold your vehicle enter button while flipping it, then you'll get into the throne eventually.