Ever wonder what it'd be like if Master Chief was in Halo Reach as the main character instead of Noble 6? Well now we can finally see what'd that be like! This mod replaces all of Noble 6's dialog in cutscenes with dialog voiced by Steve Downes (Master Chief) himself! Big thanks to Steve Downes for providing the Master Chief version of Noble 6's lines! Download links and installation information below.

Main Download Link:

Master Chief In Reach Mod

Alternate Download Link:

Master Chief In Reach Mod Via Nexus Mods


Halo MCC PC (Steam Edition)

Windows Store Edition Not Tested Yet

Installation Instructions:

1. Navigate to the FSB folder of your Reach MCC installation location, most commonly:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\fmod\pc"


2. Rename or make a backup of "english.fsb" in this folder.


3. Copy the new "english.fsb" file from this mod into this folder, make sure to replace the old "english.fsb" file, if prompted, after you've backed it up.


4. You are technically good to go at this point but to get the full Master Chief experience in Reach, you'll need to set your spartan armor to match Master Chief. If you don't have all the proper armor pieces unlocked yet on MCC, you can download this mod from BlaineMobius to unlock all armors: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/316


5. The set of armor we used is as follows:

Helmet: Mjolnir Mk VI (Base)

Chest: Default

Left Shoulder: Mjolnir Mk V

Right Shoulder: Mjolnir Mk V

Knee Guards: FJ/PARA

Wrist: Default

Utility: Default

Visor Color: Gold

Primary & Secondary Armor Color: Olive

Spartan Gender: Male


NOTE: It's very important your spartan is set to male AND your game language is set to English or this will not work at all!


6. Start up MCC with anti-cheat disabled (especially if you used the mod to unlock all armors).


7. Start up the Halo Reach campaign and enjoy!